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Checklists are Critical to Business Success. Why Aren’t You Using Them?

Posted on April 6th, 2021 by Randall Taussig

In order to achieve desired outcomes in business, business leaders must complete certain processes at critical points in time. These processes require the use of a very important tool: The Checklists.

As critical as they are, checklists—even simple ones—are underutilized in business.

That’s not the case in aviation. Checklists play a significant role in achieving consistent results when flying an airplane. Pilots use them to ensure safety. As a passenger, you expect this level of diligence!

So why do most business owners overlook this valuable tool? Perhaps its impact seems less critical in business than in aviation. Though maybe not a “life” or “death” situation as in aviation, using this discipline in business will help ensure the results you and your customers expect!

Here’s why you should consider using checklists in your business:

#1: Consistency.

Checklists produce consistency of outcomes that are important to business. Whether it’s processes in operations, manufacturing, or customer service, checklists provide guidance and order.

#2: Confidence.

When you use checklists at certain points in your business, it builds customer and employee confidence.

#3: Repeatability.

When integrated into a bigger process, the checklist will help produce repeatable results, something customers long for in a world where this is so sporadic.

It’s important to understand that the checklist is typically a tool that is used within more complex processes. For example, in aviation, we have the “Landing Process,” which includes the “pre-landing checklist” followed by actually landing the airplane.

Hotels in the Post COVID World

Anyone who has stayed in a hotel since COVID has experienced new sanitizing protocols. The hotel requires cleansing and sealing the room after each occupant, i.e. things like placing the TV remote in a plastic bag and then vigorously communicating the process to their customers.

Customers feel assured the hotel is doing its due diligence to keep them safe. This builds customer confidence with clear results they can count on time and time again (stay after stay)!

Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to use checklists in your business? Have you achieved success in your business from using checklists that you would like to tell us about? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!