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The Scorecard is another powerful tool to help you gain a “pulse” of your business and proactively address issues before they grow out of control. It’s simple, yet more powerful than most comprehensive dashboards.

The true power of the Scorecard is that it will predict future results!

By definition, the Scorecard contains 5 – 15 activity based measurables that when trended over 13 weeks will provide early awareness of future outcomes. The key is for you to determine what “measurables” will predict the most important future outcomes for your business.

Key Areas of your business that need good prediction:

Get into the above routine and you can’t help to make consistent progress, 90 days at a time!

Simple Example:

Let’s say you determine that your business needs an average of 25 new warm leads to stay on track to reach your revenue goals. Your measurable category would be “warm leads” and the weekly goal would be “25.” As you progress week by week and report the actual warm leads, you’re creating a path of predictability.

Once you reach at least 13 weeks of data, you would glance at the most recent 13-week average as well as the weekly results to determine the trend. If trending down, then you know there’s a pretty good chance that you will fall short of your revenue goal IF you don’t take action.

The key is to see the trend early and dig deeper into the root cause. This is the proactive nature of the Scorecard. It helps you take action early to prevent the BIG issues from creeping up down the road.

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